Practice Management — organizing your key data through one system

Practice Management puts all of your Attorney’s critical data right on their desktop through our robust Browser interface. All data about your Firm, Clients, Matters, Docket/Calendar, Contacts, Watchlists, Workflow and Financial Statistics is organized through a single user interface.  Rippe & Kingston has designed the Practice Management Module with flexibility and security in mind. Practice Group Leaders and Individual Attorneys can be configured to view only the critical information that is most important to them.  The Rippe & Kingston Practice management tools enable law firms to move from the highest levels to the granular detail levels as needed in a real-time environment.

Rippe & Kingston has combined the ease of use with the sophistication required by lawyers of any size firm to maximize their client service and law firm profitability.

Law Firm Practice Management

In the law Firm environment practice group leaders should be those individuals who are responsible and accountable for the success of the practice group itself.   This is where the LMS Practice Management Software delivers.   Areas of the business that are addressed include: Product Line, Marketing, Sales, Resource Management, Client Satisfaction and Profitability.

  • Browser Access
  • Practice Groups
  • Practice Group Key Statistics
  • Client and Case Information
  • Calendaring
  • Contacts
Time and Billing Accounting for Law Firms

Client Relationship Management for Law Firms

Client Relationship Management (CRM) provides Firms with valuable tools to track and manage those relationships. We want to show you how the LMS CRM module can assist your Firm in effectively and successfully acquiring Clients.

The law firm My CRM integrates directly with the Financial Management System and provides your firm with the ability to easily track information about the Firm’s Clients and prospects.   Users can easily monitor and track contact information and business development activities.   With the ability to assign Clients and Contacts to unlimited Firm mailing lists, the firm can streamline marketing activities through mailings and email.

 What is the CRM Objective?

Prospect Databases Prospect Event Tracking
Prospect Mailing List Reporting Client Databases
Client Event Tracking Client Mailing Lists Reporting
legal management software

Law Firm Records Management

Records Management provides law firms with the ability to track and manage all files from creation through to final disposition.  Features include flexible assignment of physical file and sub file definitions, file tracking, user defined on-site and off-site locations, label generation, bar code tracking and interface and retention schedules for all files.

With a built in reservation system, individuals can check files in and out and also track individuals waiting for records.  Each movement of the file is tracked through the LMS detail activity log.   Built in security profiles and record status codes allow for tight control of users access for viewing, reserving and modifying records data.

 What is the CRM Objective?

Easy retrieval and tracking of files Database for attorneys work product
Reduced secretarial time Label Generation and bar coding
Full text database search engine Database for attorneys work product

Law Firm Financial Management

Financial Center for Law Firms: "Paperless Reporting"

The Financial Center is your Law Firm’s "browser based" Portal for all of its financial reporting and publications.  The Law Firm Financial Center allows users to access standard LMS reports, as well as, reports created by the LMS Business Intelligence reporting.   The firm may also use the dynamic folder capability to publish any file to the secured Law Firm Financial Center for user access.   With the Financial Center you create custom menus, secured by user profile, to organize reports into useful and logical categories such as month/year, practice group, asset management, billing attorney, profitability statistics, revenue enhancements, or any category you might need.   The Law Firm Financial Center is incredibly flexible and user friendly. The Financial Center can include reports published in various formats, PDF files, Excel workbooks, and Word documents.   Users can have a repository for reports that have been designed specifically for them —"Reports".   You can even launch URLs from the Law Firm Financial Center to access client specific web sites or other firm web based applications.


Integrated Portal Technology Eliminate report distribution by paper and email
Real time reporting with drill down capability Storage / retrieval of historical reports
Reduced administrative time Utilize LMS security profiles
legal management software

Are your Attorneys effectively managing their docket?"

Docket provides a user-friendly methodology for Attorneys to manage their Practice through Client/Matter specific Calendar Events. LMS allows both Centralized and Decentralized Docket Tracking methods for the Firm with fully integrated Web Based Attorney Calendar access along with full Outlook integration and email.


Attorney Calendars Manage Client/Matter Events
Planned (Rules) Events Outlook Integration
Reminders Reporting
Law Firm Watchlist Management

Is it a daily challenge to manage the Firm’s Clients/Matters and timekeepers?  Are your Practice Group leaders equipped with the right tools to do so?

The Practice Management Watchlists are designed to assist Attorneys in properly managing all of their resources…Client and Matters, as well as their team members. Our Watchlists provide Attorneys the ability to monitor every aspect of their Practice.


My Time Client Matter Budgets
My Team Rate Audit (AFAs)
Two Minute Drill Net Investment
Practice Analysis Client/Matter Minding
Deposit Daily Cash Open/Closed Files
Billing (BIM) Staging
Law Firm Business Intelligence

Are you seeking an easy way to provide access to key Financial Statistics?

Business Intelligence is the answer! The Legal Management System (LMS) Business Intelligence Dashboard and Reporting module provides key analytics to law firm decision makers.  The system gathers important accounting and general ledger data and presents the results in a graphical / drill down method providing meaningful and easy to understand information.  The Business Intelligence software can be easily configured to present firm, office, practice group, department, client, matter, attorney data and others based on the individual needs of the law firm.  The LMS Business Intelligence module gives firm management and individual attorney’s access to the relevant information necessary to help them make better and more insightfully informed decisions about the firm´s performance.

Firm Profitability results are also included within the Business Intelligence Dashboard and Reporting module.  Providing the most advanced profitability module in the industry today, Firm Profitability can be measured at every reporting level based on the individual needs of the law firm.  Through Direct, Indirect and Overhead cost allocations captured for each attorney, the module focuses on key business drivers, and enables a firm to quickly ascertain the effect that utilization, realization, leverage, and cost allocations have on the firms overall profitability and performance all the way down to an individual matters profitability.

 Business Intelligence

LMS Contact


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Financial Center

"We use the Financial Center portal instead of passing around hard copies to everyone.  We can "distribute" them in just a few days (versus a week or more).  The portal has cut our time in half and saved countless amounts of paper, I’m sure.   The ability to have the numbers at our fingertips has been extremely beneficial.   It has been a great experience working with R&K and using the LMS product."

Jeremy Berkman, Controller Chamberlain, Hrdlicka, White, Williams & Aughtry