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"Once an hour is gone, that revenue is gone forever.  It is critical to capture billable hours as they occur.

LMS Client Service Team

Attorney Management

Attorney Management is more than simply measuring profitability and hours of the lawyers and staff.   Turning time into money begins with which metrics the firm has in place and whether the right key performance indicators are being measured and tracked. Next, you must equip them with the tools and technology that allows them to maximize their effectiveness. 
The LMS Attorney Management Module delivers by allowing you to systematize and document key activities in the practice.

  • Web Access
  • Mobile Time Entry
  • Dashboards
  • Reporting
  • Reminders
  • Attorney Timekeeping Dashboard with Active Client/Matters
  • Intelligent Timers - including full day Gant Chart feature
  • Monthly Calendar View
  • Day View
  • Billable Hours Budgets
  • Shared Calendars for Attorney Assistant Access
  • Short Cut Narrative Codes
  • Electronic Billing Rules
  • ABA Task and Activity Tracking
  • PDF and Excel Reporting
Time and Billing

 Time Management is about maximizing billable time

Making Time Entry Easy for Everyone – timekeepers can choose a methodology that works for them rather than conform to the system
Recording Time Daily – ABA studies in 1983 concluded that billed time can increase up to 8-12% if recorded as you go...reconstructing time does not work
Full Day Accounting – timekeeping is a discipline and understanding where your entire day in the office goes will increase billable time
legal management software

Are your Attorneys effectively managing their docket?

Docket provides a user-friendly methodology for Attorneys to manage their Practice through Client/Matter specific Calendar Events. LMS allows both Centralized and Decentralized Docket Tracking methods for the Firm with fully integrated Web Based Attorney Calendar access along with full Outlook integration and email.

 Managing their docket

Attorney Calendars Manage Client/Matter Events
Planned (Rules) Events Outlook Integration
Reminders Reporting

Law Firm Watchlist Management

Is it a daily challenge to manage the Firm’s Clients/Matters and timekeepers?  Are your Practice Group leaders equipped with the right tools to do so?

The Practice Management Watchlists are designed to assist Attorneys in properly managing all of their resources…Client and Matters, as well as their team members. Our Watchlists provide Attorneys the ability to monitor every aspect of their Practice.


My Time Client Matter Budgets
My Team Rate Audit (AFAs)
Two Minute Drill Net Investment
Practice Analysis Client/Matter Minding
Deposit Daily Cash Open/Closed Files
Billing (BIM) Staging
Law Firm Accounting Workflow

Tired of the endless paper trail of new Clients/Matters, Expenses, Check Requests, and other internal office forms?

Eliminate the endless paper trail with LMS's Workflow’s electronic forms! Workflow allows for forms to be created, completed, submitted, and routed electronically via email!  All Workflow Forms, as well as the routing steps, are customizable and can be submitted with comments and attachments (e.g., expense receipts).


New Clients/New Matters Check Requests
Expense Reporting Custom Forms (e.g., Vacation Requests)
Check Signing Approval

 Law Firm Workflow
Law Firm Business Intelligence

Are you seeking an easy way to provide access to key Financial Statistics?

Business Intelligence is the answer! The Legal Management System (LMS) Business Intelligence Dashboard and Reporting module provides key analytics to law firm decision makers.  The system gathers important accounting and general ledger data and presents the results in a graphical / drill down method providing meaningful and easy to understand information.  The Business Intelligence software can be easily configured to present firm, office, practice group, department, client, matter, attorney data and others based on the individual needs of the law firm.  The LMS Business Intelligence module gives firm management and individual attorney’s access to the relevant information necessary to help them make better and more insightfully informed decisions about the firm´s performance.

Firm Profitability results are also included within the Business Intelligence Dashboard and Reporting module.  Providing the most advanced profitability module in the industry today, Firm Profitability can be measured at every reporting level based on the individual needs of the law firm.  Through Direct, Indirect and Overhead cost allocations captured for each attorney, the module focuses on key business drivers, and enables a firm to quickly ascertain the effect that utilization, realization, leverage, and cost allocations have on the firms overall profitability and performance all the way down to an individual matters profitability.

 Business Intelligence
Law Firm Profitability Accounting

Are you using Profitability Accounting as a Financial Management tool?

Profitability Accounting is an allocation process that measures the gross and net contribution to the Firm’s profits of a given revenue stream.   It is an Accounting analysis, which calculates a series of direct and indirect rates per timekeeper per hour allocated to a defined revenue stream to measure gross and net contribution to Firm profits

 Gross and Net Contribution to Firm Profits

Identify Revenue Identify Direct Costs
Identify Indirect/Overhead Costs Apply Direct and Indirect Cost to Revenue
Reporting Summary or Detail at Multiple Levels, including Office, Department, Practice Group, Area of Law, Timekeeper, Client, and Matter Real Time...Results through Yesterday’s Cash Receipts

 Profitability Accounting
Law Firm Client Matter Inquiry

Point and Click Access

The LMS Client Matter Inquiry module gives attorneys point and click access to multiple levels of real time information relating to the work-in-process, financial data and general case information of their clients and matters.  Client information can be viewed by individual client or client/matter totals.  Inquiry capability includes information by period, balance comparisons, balance trends, activity comparisons and activity trends.  Statistics can be presented monthly, year-to-date or life-to-date.


General Information including Address and Key Dates Attorney Assignments including Split Assignments
Case Information Conflict of Interest Parties
Unbilled Time and Cost Balances Accounts Receivable Balances
Key Statistics Bill and Payment History
Time Detail Cost Detail
Trust Accounts

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Attorney Management

"We especially liked the Imaging, Workflow, and Profitability modules, as well as the ease of reporting with the Dashboard"

Holly Coyle , Accounting Manager Murphy Desmond S.C.

Time and Reporting

"The extensive time capture and reporting options assist our Attorneys in maximizing their billable time."

Patrick Hayes, Managing Shareholder Andrews Myers, P.C.

Mobile Access - Anywhere, Anytime and Any Device

Mobile Time Entry for Attorney

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